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January 03, 2012


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I like avoiding everything within 10 feet of the register.... It's a silly rule, but it helps with some impulse shopping.

Major and minor purchases require though and research of which I try my best to do as much as I can.

When I don't I am disappointed.

Enough said.

Good list of advice! I especially like the “do a chore you hate first” option; I use that one all the time :0) Another good option is asking the advice of someone in your life who is financially responsible what they would do. My best friend and I have been “financial accountability partners” for about 3 years now (ever since we took the Dave Ramsey course together). He calls me all the time and asks me if an impulse purchase is a good idea. Many times he tries to justify the purchase HAHA! It is really funny when I listed for 3 minutes and then tell him (with love), “that purchase is a dumb idea – WALK AWAY. Don’t you remember you want to build a house for your family in a couple years?”. He of course has done the same thing for me on many occasions as well :-)

Great article thanks. Cheer!!

I used to fall victim to impulsive spending all the time. Just the other week I was shopping with my girl and I loved a dress up shirt for work. I fell in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it, but it turns out that it was an $80 dollar shirt!! That is crazy. But, I still managed to take it off the rack and stood in line with the shirt in hand. I ended up putting it back because I knew I would be purchasing off impulsive emotions. We came back to the same store about a week or so later and the exact shirt was on sale for $40 50% off! I thought WOW I am so glad I waited to buy this shirt. So I stood there in line with the shirt in hand. But then again it hit me that I was buying from excitement and if they put the shirt on sale once, it will probably go on clearance by the beginning of the summer. That's what I think it is all about is being patient. Eventually things don't sell because no one wants to spend $80 on a shirt, and it eventually goes down to it's lowest price possible!

Oh, I don't know. If it's under $1.00 every now and then, no big deal. Many a time I've bought an Oh Henry! candy bar at the grocery store check out & later when I eat it, I'm glad I bought it.

Sorry; I just reread to first part of the article. Nevermind!

I've heard that a good way to curb this is to wait 1 day for every $100 the purchase costs.

So, if you wanted a $300 PS3, you should consider the purchase for a minimum of 3 days once you have the impulse to buy it.

Good read, but who has time to make an "impulse notebook"? That's a bit on the neurotic side of things if you ask me.

texashaze, I actually think that's a great idea - not just to avoid needless purchases but to gain a greater understanding of yourself. I think there would be a lot of value in being able to "catalog" the emotions of the moment drawing me to a purchase, and then later on to review those thoughts with the advantage of hindsight. Did that purchase (if you made it) live up to the value you thought it might at the time? If you didn't, do you wish you had purchased it? This seems like it would be especially helpful for someone with a spending problem to kick that habit once they see a pattern develop.

Great advice for people who don't already read your blog! This is for those without financial discipline (again we are not talking about buy breath mints or candy while in line at the groccery store.) These are all "tricks" for those who lack self control. Most of us, your readers, spend our time figuring out ways to save on all of our large purchases and most of our smaller ones. I do not think many of us suffer from this problem.

I think these are all great suggestions and more often than not, I've found that when I wait at least a week before making any big purchase 'impulse' decision, I find that more often than not my craving for that item is gone. As far as the little psychological tricks such as freezing your cards in a block of ice go….we've got these handy stickers that we offer to our users. They covers up your credit card number and the scanning strip to help you curb your spending.

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