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January 16, 2012


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I'm pretty sure she was just trying to be a friendly, young sales rep who's trying to be positive. It might have been clueless on the part of Best Buy, but it's a product that the sales reps have to try to sell, and do you really think the company would be happy if a sales person admitted to it being a cruddy deal?

Why would you belittle or call the employee names? I am sure the girl was doing what she was directed to do? I agree that all the credit card offers at retailers are to much. Every shop at Target? Everytime I shop there they offer me a card, but I would never call the employee names or insult them for doing their job. If you do not like it shop someplace else.

I agree that the sarcasm may have been misdirected. $20 is much better than a frisbee or a cheap thermos offered with credit cards on student quads.
Or my personal favorite, Wal-Mart, which offers a 2 litre of soda for signing up. Really?

BestBuy employees are probably required to pitch the credit card. They may even be measured on the # of people they successfully sign up for cards or given some sort of incentive bonus for getting sign ups.

Wait a minute now...

Who's the clueless one here?

The girl doing her job or the guy who can't figure out that she was just doing her job?

Hey, but the Target card it 5% off everything I charge at Target. No sign up bonus, but that's worth it for me!

Not sure you have seen this. But I find it somewhat true.

What is the point of this article? If this is the authors job to write articals like this then I feel he is the clueless one and has nothing to offer!

It fascinates me that with all the Best Buy horror stories out there, people still shop there. It's clear that if you buy anything from Worst Buy, you're going to get it one way or another. Why even go into the store??

She offered it to you because she wants to keep her job. Nothing more, nothing less.


Would love to get your feedback on what you would change (obviously customer service) :) as CEO of BBY? ie, market strategy, direction, etc. A whole article if need be.

Are brick-and-mortar stores done? What does BBY need to change? What does it need to add/ markets it needs to get into? Are the new mobile stores the right strategy?

Appreciate the blog,

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