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January 30, 2012


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Yes, this is an easy trap to fall into. Take it also one step further. When you have a busy job in a larger company, it is so easy to just build a network within the company and with some direct customers or suppliers. However, when you want or have to switch jobs, that "old" network won't help too much. The solution is to look for ways to build also a network beyond your own work environment. Use a hobby, join a business community club or start blogging.

I set aside 30 minutes each Monday to reconnect with my network. I choose at least one person each week and I e-mail or Facebook them. I also try to arrange an in-person meeting for lunch or coffee.

I also make an effort to network within my company schedule coffee meeting with people in other departments as well as outside. Its a lot of work to consistently be active in maintaining and developing your networks. But I find that if you really get to know people and its not strictly a business only meeting its much more enjoyable to reconnect - it feels a lot less like work.

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