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January 07, 2012


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Isn't giving to many charities just diversification :) Why do we give? I give to help others in need with the result being something good happens. I think I will see more good happen by spreading my giving around. Also, if a gift is misused its just a portion of my giving not the whole, just good risk management. In these tough times we all need to give and give generously as there are many in need, just look around.

Hmm... Maybe I should look into some of these charities :)

Thank you for writing FMF it challenges me.

@FMF...."You're the ones THAT make this site what it is"

Please stop referring to your readers as "that". When you refer to people, you're supposed to use "who". "That" is for objects. "Who" is for people.

This is a major peeve of mine. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for being so generous and willing to give your profits to charity. That is so cool and inspiring, too!

@mysticaltyger --

As you know, language changes.

Key quote:

"American Heritage Dictionary says,

It is entirely acceptable to write either the man that wanted to talk to you, or the man who wanted to talk to you."

Awesome. We give to some of the charities you list as well as several others. There are so many great causes these days.

My comment doesn't affect me personally because the only organizations that I believe in, and help to stay in existence, are NPR, AARP, and the Sierra Club, and they, at the very least, each provide an interesting magazine.
However it's always a good idea to ascertain the overhead expenses of any charitable organization before you send them a donation. I am constantly receiving letters in the mail from well known organizations that seemingly have a worthwhile cause but I can't help wondering what percentage of their donations are spent on salaries and generating millions of bulky letters containing freebies such as calendars, address labels etc. It's especially troubling when I receive 3 or 4 such mailings in a matter of weeks, every year, from a charity to which I have never responded. This tells me that it is a blanket mailing to every home in my neighborhood, and who knows wherever else.

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