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January 15, 2012


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I make a tithe our minimum for giving. The danger of tithing is that you might think you've done everything you need to do, but when you're very blessed, 10% ain't much. I'm certain that if I didn't insist on that floor for our giving, we wouldn't give enough. A tithe is a great place to start.

Hi friend. You mentioned in your well written and exposed article that the new testament is silent on tithe, when actually in two places in the new testament is the record of a conversation Jesus had had with Pharisees were He actually gave his approval to the act of tithing. Mathew 23:23 and Luke 11:42. He tells the Pharisees that they give a tenth, but neglect love, mercy, justice, faithfulness; and they essentially should practice all. Is an interesting passage. I don't think that it should be imposed, but definitely not ignored. At least a tithe is a place to begin. When we understand God's grace, I am a firm believer that God will move us to more than 10%. The idea of giving is to help remove selfishness from our hearts.

There’s no New Testament writer that says we no longer pay Tithe. In Matthew 23:23, Jesus says woe to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you pay Tithe of the mint and anise and cumin but you’ve omitted the weightier matters, justice, mercy and faith. Then He goes on to say these you ought to have done, and not leave the other undone. Well the other was Tithe. He says I’m not saying don’t pay Tithe, but don’t forget about justice, mercy and faith. Christ really answered the question on Tithe in that statement – He says do not leave the other undone.

Orville & Stoihi,

(Author of article). Great point. What I say in the article is that the tithe is "not directly confirmed or rejected in the New Testament. There is not a passage in the New Testament that specifically instructs followers of Christ to continue or to stop tithing." While Jesus makes mention of the tithe and the passage you reference seems to infer that there is no reason to stop tithing (I discuss this pasasge in another part of the book), Jesus, nor the apostles, ever address the tithe as a specific command. So, I do not disagree with you both, I think you make an excellent point. What I meant in this selection is that the command to continue or stop tithing is never specifically and directly addressed; whereas, generosity is discussed in a variety of manifestations all throughout the New Testament.

Lots of great points here. I tend to fall into the camp that believes that God wants His New Testament church to tithe, but I agree, it's not a matter of salvation. Still, I think the sad thing about Christians who don't tithe is that they are missing out on some of the blessings that God promises for people who are faithful to tithe. Check out Mal. 3, and you'll see that tithing was a command that came with a great promise.

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