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January 22, 2012


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Great points. I find it too easy to give without a corresponding investment of time. I suspect for some who are differently wired, the time comes easily but the money is harder. In either case, God works to change us to more freely give of both.

I heartily second the idea of a separate account for 'giving' funds. We made that change and it does make a big difference in freedom to give with the money not only specially earmarked but set aside for that purpose.

I hope you find what you need in your life to make you complete.

As for giving it is from your heart. We all have different capabilities of giving. What my wife can offer is so different as to what I can offer. But that is why we are such good complements for each other and a good team.

Follow your heart, mind and spirit to be fulfilled.

Great Post. I definitely agree that God calls us to not only give of our finances, but also other areas of our life including time and whatever skills we may have.

Also, I've never considered about having a separate account for giving back to God but I agree that is a good way to make it automatic and make sure we give to God first and not just the leftovers. I think I'll definitely have to start that up.

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