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January 17, 2012


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Good job Freemoney! I have a client who is an acupuncturist and she was interviewing with a "Wellness Center". The idea was to share some office space. When she met the owner he was sloppily dressed and obese-not the image she wanted to be associated with.

So what is the consensus on facial hair when it comes to looking professional and optimizing one's first impression?

@ Chris -

I think this goes along with research. Current trends in fashion are manicured stubble. Look at photos of just about any male celebrity and you'll see the look.

Traditional company = clean shaven
Progressive company = current trend

I agree with this. I was a teller many, many moons ago, and there was a millionaire who came to the bank looking like a bum. He always had the hardest time withdrawing his own money from his account; imagine how much difficulty he must have run into in business transactions with new clients.

It simply matters how we present ourselves to prospective employers, clients, or business partners. Actually, in any aspect of life it can matter. The thing is, it's so easy to make oneself presentable on a basic level! Makes you wonder why some people sabotage their own efforts by being lazy in this regard.

The fist impression matters a lot as there is a old saying "First impression is the last impression" and old is always gold.

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