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January 18, 2012


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Good list. I have my own list of dealing with recruiters.

I will give you no email response and/or hang up on you for any of the following:

1.) You are calling for a position I am not even remotely qualified for. (Back in the day I used to routinely get calls for Sr. Java Manager when I only had 2 years of Java development experience.)

2.) Misspelling my name in an email when you got it directly from my resume.

3.) No name in the email, just a generic introduction.

4.) Offering me a job across the country when my posted profile specifically states the only city in which I am looking.

5.) Calling or emailing even after I have taken my resume offline. Meaning you are a cheap recruiter and only pay to download resumes every once in a while and then keep them forever.

6.) Calling late at night or right during "normal" dinner hours. You obviously didn't do enough research to see what time zone I am in.

7.) Calling during work hours when my resume specifically states what time periods are OK to call during.

8.) Acting like we are best friends.

9.) A request for referrals to your job posting will never get you a referral from me unless you are paying me. Why am I doing your job so you get paid the bonus?

I hate unsolicited recruiter calls. And they are relentless. Its like dealing with telemarketers.

I also disagree on the email vs. hand-written note for thank yous. If an interview has already happened, I think you need to have something back in front of them right away as a reminder as to why you are good for the job. If you wait for a hand written note to arrive, then they will have already chosen their candidate before your note even gets there. By the time we actually have someone in for an interview we have already decided they look good on paper, and we will know if we are interested the day of the interview.

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