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January 25, 2012


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I love all of those shows! And it seems like the rest of America does too. We all are interested in watching how old junk that is sitting collecting dust can be turned into straight cash, because we all believe we could somehow be successful in doing so. Those who have acquired the knowledge necessary to act like the people on Storage Wars and other similar shows, have a great advantage in knowing what kind of items are smart to invest in, and which are not. I wonder if auctioneers seek out auctions to buy certain things because they have seen how frugally those who buy that way live. Either way, this career probably shapes some of the smartest investors.

It amazes me the breadth of knowledge that the folks on Pawn Stars have to place a value on the wide variety of items they see, and to discriminate the genuine antiques from the fakes.

I have always questioned the validity of all of these tv shows, however, I do know that auctioneers can be very wealthy. My Dad dabbles in the auction business, and he has done very well with it. Buy low and sell high. He won't make a purchase if he does not think he can double his money. Typically his turn around time is less than 1 week. Money doubled in 7 days, not a bad wealth formula at all.

Barry from Storage Wars is the man!! Actually not, but he is the most entertaining.

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