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February 27, 2012


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Would love to win a much needed safe! Thanks!

winning. duh.

Been thinking about buying one. Thanks for the review and chance to win. It's "safe" to say that I want one :)

Been no my list of things to get for a while, glad I waited!

Thanks for the offer


I could use a safe like that.

Count me in.

Would it fit a gun?

Absolutely...been needing one since we moved and haven't been able to get a deposit box with our nearest branch

Great giveaway!

Sign me up.

I'm in the market for one of these bad boys!

Safe-ty First

This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for all that you do, FMF!

Count me in.

I would love a safe to protect our important documents at home!

Maybe I can put my cheapo existing safe in this one?

Been looking into purchasing one ourselves. Maybe we might win this one instead!

88 Miles per hour

We definitively could use a safe for our records!

My husband and I have been meaning to get a safe for a while now so this would be great!

Thanks for the great site.

Enter me in the contest... thanks!

Count me in

I'm in.

In it to win it. Would love to have a new safe.

Safe? Yes please.

I'd love to win

Count me in!

It's good to be safe

Fingers crossed

I'd like to win!

Here is my comment to enter the drawing. Thanks.

A good chance for many to get various paperwork "organized"...a food financial "to do"...

Heck yea. I could definitely use a nice safe!

Mitt Romeny for president.


What a useful prize! Would love it.

Would it be permissible to promise to simply put the gift card inside the safe?

You know, just in case?

Count me in!

"Whatya' think, Boomhauer?"

"Yeah, man talkin' 'bout."

I would like in on this.

Ooo. Safe.

Thanks for all these wonderful prizes & advice you're offering!!!

I sure could use a safe for my safe keeping!

Darn! I bought a safe last month. :)

I still hope I win this one. :)

We have a small safe purchased several years ago for important papers, but we've just about outgrown it. We could definitely use another.

Safe at home.

I need to be more safe.

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