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February 21, 2012


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Really enjoying this series.

We were on a cruise the same week as you, but we departed from Fort Lauderdale. We were on St. Maarten the same day and it was beautiful. We also forgot our swimsuits straight off the boat! Our routine now, after several cruises, is to just wing it and take a lowkey approach to our port/island visit. We tend not to book excursions ahead, preferring to see how we feel and what the weather is like.

We have missed out on certain popular trips, but you can usually have a good time very inexpensively in port or grabbing some low-cost transportation. We typically befriend some crew members and find out the best place for local eats and how to get to the nearest Wallmart or equivalent. These guys come back every week and know the way to post offices and other local amenities.

This was our second time on a ship to St. Maarten. This cruise also included our second trip to St. Thomas. Knowing that, I no longer feel like we absolutely have to get to all the highlights, as I'm sure there will be a return trip. It takes alot of pressure off, and we're able to just kick back and relax.

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