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February 22, 2012


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Can't say enough good things about this series.

We took a cruise from Antigua in '99 and weren't as impressed as we had been with some other places. Sounds like it is time for a return trip and a chance at this excursion.

Thanks, FMF, for this trip report!

Did you mostly eat at the buffet? That's what it sounded like when you said "now the crew members were serving us." When I cruised with Norwegian last May, our best meals outside the specialty restaurants were in the main dining room, not the buffet. A couple nights we got a table for two, but we also enjoyed being seated with other passengers and socializing. The food quality was much better than what was offered at the buffet.

Kimberly --

With 4-5 meals a day, we had at least one each day at the buffet. :-)

The others were either from the main dining room (though we ate them in our room) or the specialty restaurant we had free access too.

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