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February 07, 2012


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I might answer a lot of those survey questions differently if I knew the paychecks involved in their scenarios.

There is a question in there that doesn't make sense. It asks "How would you describe your current eating habits?" and the options are "1 - Not at all" through "7 - Very much so".

This was also posted on another blog awhile ago (I think MyMoneyBlog) and I filled it out then.


some survey questions cornfusin. strongly agreee.

Survey is way too long. After 15 minutes I closed it out.

There were one or two questions that didn't make sense. And it took longer than the promised 10 minutes. That type of unprofessionalism made me unwilling to answer the later questions that asked for more personal information.

It also struck me that they were trying to correlate eating and spending. I find I'm great at limiting my spending but not so great at limiting my eating. While they both measure willpower they are really different.

Part of that is upbringing, how many of you remember being kept at the table until you finished your food?

Also when spending money you always know the price, but for any non packaged food it's hard to know the calories.

When you eat out the portion sizes coupled with the amount of fat and sugar hidden in the food can total up to a surprising amount of calories.

I echo the "it was longer than 10 minutes" and that some questions were confusing or very poorly worded. It also doesn't ask or take into effect how living with a spouse or roommate effects spending amounts. It just asks for household income and discretionary income and individual leanings via its questions. I personally am more frugal than my households spending shows because our finances are influenced by my husband's spending habits as well.

> "It also struck me that they were trying to correlate eating and spending... While they both measure willpower they are really different."

The only way to really know how different or how correlated they are is to collect data, which is what this survey is doing.

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