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February 06, 2012


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I'm looking at buying a computer - probably a powerful desktop and a netbook, both probably mac and if I can put it together, on a research grant.

My list:
1. (needed for several years now, still not done:) Have vaulted ceiling LR/DR area painted & then hang curtains on the large windows.
The problem is that the painting needs to be done first, but it's so hard to find a painter who actually does a good job and it's always too expensive, then I feel like I should do it myself but it would require scaffolding, and then I keep wondering if maybe I should replace the old wood windows first but then it would really cost a fortune? On the other hand, if I wait 5 years the kids will move out & maybe then so will I. But then again who'd buy a house with spackle all over the walls?
2. Seriously, that's the only thing on my list. I find purchasing ipads and desks very easy myself. I bought 2 crate & barrel flat-pack desks for my kids 5 years ago--they are inexpensive & ship to your home, the desks were very easy to put together, they look great and have stood up to lots of use.

Move attic insulation up the list -- a no-brainer for us folks in Michigan to get R-52 and make sure all holes to below are sealed (holes for pipes, wires, etc). Even using very conservative assumptions on money saved and cost you should be able to get 20%+ annual return on investment, not even counting any tax breaks.

Our list:

Vacation - Disney World. While a bit expensive compared to other destinations, it is clean, predictable and the kids love it (I do as well).

Flooring - We have hardwood floors on the main level and would like the same in the upstairs halls and kids bedrooms.

Landscape - A new home was just constructed on the other side of you property. We will probably add some landscaping as a better buffer.

I have not given it much though lately but will now reminded.

We will be taking our costco rebate and buying a new tv

The only major purchase I'll be doing is borrowing money for my college tuition. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a good enough job to pay it all back quickly!

We recently bought a car (using the method you outlined here!) and now 'just' need a house! I find these big purchases stressful.

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