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March 05, 2012


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I just cashed both my Costco membership and AmEx checks for cash last week at our local store. My Costco membership was $287.30 I am at the Executive level (2% rebate level) as we spend a lot of money there. We also have a Costco Business AmEx. That rebate was $432.54. We like this card as it's 4% on gas, 2% on restaurants, 2% on travel and 1% on everything else. If you buy gas at Costco (which is already the cheapest in town) with your Coscto AmEx you get 4% discount. I think this is the best deal around. It comes to about a $200 savings for me each year.

Anyway, we were able to deposit $719.84 in our account for just shopping there. This is just icing on the cake as we'd shop there anyway.... they've got good stuff.

Buy a can of milk and pay with reward check. You get the difference back in cash. Cashed $340 last week.

I just went to Customer Service and got my $320 in cash.

Next time I know we can do this.

We just cashed our $1000 rebate check, but they had to "make a call" then it took some time to get the cash...maybe from the back room...? I don't know, but they were perfectly pleasant about it.

When we used the check to pay for a shopping trip last year the cashier didn't have enough cash, so we held up the line waiting for our change. Because of that, we just cash it at the Returns counter now.

I've done it 2 years in a row now - just go up to the service counter, or there is a manager's counter near the checkout lanes.

I've gotten it as cash, but didn't realize I could have put in on my account.

Got a couple of things I needed, got the rest back as my change.

Last year, we used the rebate on an all-in-one printer so used it all plus some. But this year the rebate was higher (little over $500 as I recall).

Costco's Customer Service desk told me I could buy whatever I wanted or I could simply cash it in. I was amazed telling them that by using it to buy products from them, they were selling at the retail price but paying only their cost (i.e. saving money). But allowing the check to be cashed was 100% out of their pocket.

It took the lady a minute to understand what I meant but she got it and said "It's what our customers want." And that is why I am a loyal Costco/AmEx customer. I bought a set of phones and took a cash balance.

As everyone else said, just go to the customer service desk. You can also use it when you check out and they will give you the difference in cash.

I've gotten cash out every time.

At our Costco they tell you to go to the customer service desk to get cash. They used to do it at the check outs but I think they ended up giving out too much cash and it would deplete their till so they started having people cash out with customer service instead.

By the way... If you did not "save" at least $55 by using the Executive membership, you can get the difference back in cash if you go to the customer service desk as well.

Look at all of this awesome information I learned about my Costco membership. Im going to go get my cash tomorrow!

My mom always uses hers to buy stuff from Costco. I never knew there were other options for redeeming them. Thanks for the heads up, my mom is going to be thrilled. :-)

The Customer Service desk at our Costco would not cash my rebate check. They told me to go line up at the Supervisor's desk instead.

When we used the check to pay for a shopping trip last year the cashier didn't have enough cash, so we held up the line waiting for our change. Because of that, we just cash it at the Returns counter now.

I just learned this this year! Every other year I have spent the full amount on merchandise (which isn't that big a deal, I bought things I would have bought anyway and stocked up on pantry items that wouldn't expire before we could use them), but this year I bought a few things and then the cashier happily handed me the balance in cash. I am sure I will spend more than that at Costco before the summer is over (when the rebate check would have expired) but it was very nice not to have to do it all at once.

I have always got the cash (then right to the bank to deposit it), this year was the first that we had to go to the Supervisor's desk instead of the returns desk though.

I always use my rebate check to purchase groceries and take the rest back in cash, though this year the cashier actively offered to put it on a Costco gift card.

Like previous posters, my experience this time was that the cashier didn't have enough cash in her drawer so I had to wait for a supervisor to bring more. I didn't mind waiting a few minutes to get my $300+ back.

Even though I could easily spend the balance if it were redeemable only as store credit, I really appreciate that Costco/AMEX has the cash back option.

If you use the cashback to buy items instead of taking the cash then you will not be charging your items on your Amex card and will not receive the rewards. Take the cash and put it on the side for your next bill.

I always get cash instead of merchandise. If you use the rebate check for merchandise instead of your AMEX card, that purchase doesn't count towards next year's cash reward.

I need to know how much my rebate at this time?

This is my problem. We live in a small town. I do receive my cash back cheques in the mail but can only use them in a Costco store in Canada. The closest Costco to us is either Lethbridge AB which is a 5 hour drive or Kelowna BC which is a 6 hour drive. Now my cheques only total 149.00, it would be nice to have the cash back or even spend it on groceries or merchandise but we would have to spend that much on gas to get to our nearest Costco Store. Is there any other way to use our reward cheques? Maybe online purchases?

Caryle -

How did you accumulate so many rewards? Surely you go to Costco now and then, don't you?

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