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March 25, 2012


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Every Sunday? I really like this. Hope to make a habit of readind this every Sunday..Thanks for the enlightement.

I really like the idea of staying focused and keeping in mind the long-term goal.

“You deserve it,” “You’ve earned it,” “You worked hard for it,” “It’s yours.”

“I can’t live like this forever!”

Yup all Phases that can take over our lives and throw us off the path.

Even though we can be focused on the path there is still some need to take a little joy in the journey. Even God rested on the seventh day.

I just came in from working on cleaning out the flower beds. You may not think of this as resting but I enjoy looking and seeing the blooming of new life from my plants comming out on a beautiful sunny day that cost me nothing. Knowing full well that tomorrow will be back to the grind. Back to my focus.

Oh dear! I was about to fall into this trap, and did. Yes, the thoughts "you deserve it" "you've earned it" "I can't continue to live like this". This is timely. Back to my focus. I will make it, and it will be different this time.

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