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March 28, 2012


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Fmf, i think one of you links has a typo. Seems like the meaning may be reversed.

I think you mean spending more than you earn as the worst money mistake you can make, otherwise good article. Thanks!

Ha! You are right! I changed it to read correctly now. Thanks!

Dennis Rodman is in the news today, one to add to your collection.

It's the fulcrum of personal finance for sure, can't be reiterated enough.

It sounds like such a simple concept, but it is amazing how many people inflate their spending to match their income. On top of that they are often financing one thing or another that puts them over the top.

This is so true, which is the main reason everyone needs a budget that works for them. It can seem daunting when you try a budget and then fail, but the key is not giving up after your first fall. A budget takes work and will allow you to live better while spending less than you make. Great Post.

Jeremiah Brown

>> And BTW, I realize that this issue is well below the financial level/ability of many of you. But there are some people reading this who are still working on controlling their spending. This post is for them.

Folks like myself appreciate that. It's a bit of a struggle but my family and I are measurably maturing financially. Reinforcements/reminders not to fall back into old, bad habits are quite welcome. :)


Good advice. It can never be repeated enough because it seems most people cannot abide by it.

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