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April 22, 2012


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You are right on the money (pun intended). When I hit 60, my goal is to cut back my income producing work efforts to 20 hours and then use the rest of the time to volunteer more at church and other ministries. I want to be available to mentor those in their 20's - 40's and to help them with their family life balance. No "retirement" for me. - Bryan

I like what you're saying... but I do think it's fine for retirees to "work" at a more relaxed pace than they were when they were punching a clock. I don't expect the retirees in the church that I pastor to fill 40-60 hours each week with volunteer work. But I do expect them to continue serving others with Christ's love in meaningful ways. That's just normal for any Christian. :)

I know many retirees who are investing considerable time into their grandkids, often out of necessity due to their own kids' struggles with life. I don't think any of them planned to be quite as busy with small children during their retirement years as they have been.

I think it is spot on. More of us should look for ways to meet our financial goals early so we can transition into a role as adviser, volunteer, and community champion.

I agree wholeheartedly. Having a "vacation" mentality to me is being idle. I think one should save so that h/she can pursue what they want in retirement and give back but more because of a "want to" than a "need".

I agree that there is no retirement in the Bible. I love being productive and look forward to moving from working to volunteering.

You guys are all right on. Hubby hits 65 this year, he has worked all his life, with his father's business as a kid, then working his way through college, laboring through the military, then working...but this time, as a married man he decided to start his own part-time business as well. This he started in 1979. Now it is his full time work as a "retired" man (this was forced upon him when he got laid off 6 years ago). No way can anyone "retire-to-play" and live responsibly before God. And THANK GOD for the 'part-time job started in '79! It has kept our bills paid!

Our object is actually as a christian, not to follow the world (but) to continue preaching the good news of the kingdom...even through our "golden" years...doesn't mean we cannot enjoy them, but the preaching work continues to the end. So, i am in agreement with you

I think your answer is perfect. That is the way it is supposed to be. I always thought of retirement as being able to just relax/do nothing but I realize that is not the right way/correct way and that your answer is how it is supposed to be.

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