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April 14, 2012


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Yes, how about
1- put a down payment on a car, a new one at that.
2- buy a new ipad, ipod, iphone and all the cool accessories.
3- go on a shopping spree at an expensive department store.
4- Buy a new flatscreen Tv because you're bored with the current one you bought last year.
5- Throw some D's on the Lac

IF the bills are all paid and you already have will and disability insurance, the answer has been simple for me: Buy Apple stock. When I purchased my first share last year, it was around $350/share. Now it's well over $500.

Put it in an envelope and secretly slip it into under the door of a good friend who you know it would mean the world to and who you know deserves a break.

I did this once with $2K (of course after my own house was in good order), and never have I received the amount of joy per dollar from any purchase/toy/gift/donation as I did from that.

Since we're already following the basics (spending less than we earn, paying ourselves first, aggressively paying down our mortgage, not carrying credit car debt), we donated all of our tax return this year. We didn't need the money last year, so we decided to give it to folks who did need it.

What tax refund, i owe almost $1350

Squeezer - I would prefer to owe a bit like you. This was an odd year (we earned quite a bit less than the previous year...).

I agree more with your list than theirs. As you have said, the money towards your home is only warranted if you are in the process of selling your house. Otherwise, make sure your emergency fund is adequate, pay off all of your debt, save for retirement, invest in yourself, disability insurance, get a will/power of attorney.

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