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April 03, 2012


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Great info -- I'll be sure to share this with my retirement-aged mother.

Do not let yourself/parents/friends learn about SS benefit options only from the SS office. Complex strategies are not only not explained, they are often not understood by the employees themselves.

My father was told re: two separate (what I thought rather common) strategies he sought that they were impossible, and in two other instances they were sending him incorrect checks. You must do your homework.

I think this is a great topic.

When to take social security is a topic I think a lot of people don't put enough thought into. Clearly it can make a huge financial difference.

The fourth paragraph is so vital and so often overlooked.

It is especially critical for women to consider their own longevity and lifetime income. Women have more to lose by getting this wrong.

Great topic. And I agree with Steve, don't rely on info given to you by the SS office employees. They aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Not sure where this article is getting the $2200 average monthly benefit. It looks way too high, a casual Google search shows it be be under $1300/month.

I am struggling to find these details on the SSA.Gov site. I have run the estimators, and also done the planning even though I am pretty far away from retirement.

Also, SORTING through this complexity is something that SSA is going to help or the SSA office. The quality of staff over there is not mathematically saavy and also not very customer friendly according to some people that are trying it.

I understand that this was from Marrota management, but is there anyone who has found out more details?

Thanks for sharing.

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