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April 04, 2012


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It seems counterproductive to put another party into the equation who will want to get paid. But like you said above, if you aren't good at negotiating or have panic attacks at the thought, it might be helpful. I would say just do research online so that you know what a good price is.

At costco you need to know your prices. Some are deals while others are not.

Personally I work with an outsanding sale person. I don't think I will change.

It's just like you say for me. If you are ok with the process of negotiating and are willing to put up with the typical BS of car haggling to save a few hundred dollars, then you are better off on your own. However, I have used the process to get a price on a car for my sister-in-law who was not able to negotiate and it gave her the ability to buy a car at a decent price (a few hundred over invoice).

I use AMEX and Costco to get an idea of what I should pay, then try to negotiate. If I get under what they would offer a AMEX/costco member I go with it, if not I have a fall back.

I've never used the Costco program and you have to assume you're 100% right that they're getting some compensation for being the middle man.

I recently used Hertz Car Sales when I bought our "new" car and was very pleased with them. They were far-and-away the best prices of anything I could find (Craigslist or dealerships).

I have used costco auto program twice. On both occasions costco price was within $300 of the best price. My approach is pretty simple. I use costco price as my starting point and try to get the dealership lower than that. For one car I was able to get another $500 off. On the other occasion the dealership stayed firm at costco price but then I got other freebies thrown in such as 3 oil changes, $50 gas card, a charbroil gas grill ($90 retail, that I sold on Craigslist).

I haven't used the Costco program and would be interested in what kind of deal they can get. In the past, I negotiate with the dealers' internet marketing manager through email. It works pretty well for me, but the Mrs. will probably go with Costco if she has to buy a car.

What about Car Bargains or other car buying programs--has anyone had experience with them? Im considering trading in my car for a Prius. I know that P. is popular so I don't really know if I'd get much $ off.

$500 from the bottom price isn't bad. Its probably far better than a lot of people get on their own, plus buying through Costco should be simple and easy by comparison.

Sam's tactic seems pretty smart. Get a quote from Costco then use that as the starting point to negotiate directly with the dealers.

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