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April 26, 2012


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Excellent idea. I know people who have done this and have secured excellent job positions as a result.

My brain freezes whenever I read this much marketing gibberish and this many made up words.

I agree with the Anonymous Coward.

There are some things here that are not bad but most of this is persuasion field based (sales/marketing/biz-dev/etc). Doer fields (engineering/nursing/labor/etc) would find most of this to be vast overkill, far from necessary, and sometimes damaging.

We just interviewed a handful of candidates for a technical job at my company and offered to one of them. We got standard resumes, selected good candidates, gave them some "doing tasks" to evaluate them, brought them in for interviews, and made a decision and an offer. Not a single thing from the two lists above was used in our process for any of the candidates we looked at.

These articles are almost always written from the persuasion field perspective. I guess that makes sense. Persuaders persuade and doers do. Doers aren't gonna do most of this and they don't need to.

Frankly if one of our candidates was doing half the things from list #2 above I would be inclined to eliminate them. If they are spending time on that kind of stuff it would tell me they are trying to sell me on themselves in ways that their abilities are not strong enough to do on their own.

I am not sure the persuasion side of the job market fully understands that the non-persuasion side sees the world differently. I have radar for "being sold." If I detect that I am being sold to, you have lost almost all credibility with me and ruined your chances. So if you are going to sell me, you better be darned good. Undetectably good.

Apex nailed it.

I agree that with him in that I suspect the persuaders don't have the doers figured out. How are they good persuaders if they can't figure out what motivates doers - are they only persuading each other? I immediately rejected 90% of the suggestions in the post and I can't imagine that most of them would be helpful even to persuaders, as Apex seems to grant them. Apparently, as a doer, I don't have them figured out, either. To the point that my brain just wants to poke fun of the things they say on subjects like this.

It would help me for someone to provide a link to a GOOD youtube resume, that actually advanced the applicant's career. I would like to see such an animal, if only to verify its existence.

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