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April 23, 2012


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Who pays for blood donations? I've long heard that suggestion, but never seen a blood bank that pays money.

I have been attempting to find a side hustle for a month now that corresponds with my limited time and skills. It is a bit harder than I expected, but hopefully I will find that thing that can do to help my bottom line soon. Great post.

Don't dream it, be it. Nice!

I know exactly which movie that is from, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I'll just say it is totally unexpected to see that film reference on FMF.

My side Gigs:

Pampered Chef Consultant.
Baby Sitting.
Selling stuff on Craigs List.
Tutoring Calculus.
Cake Decorating.
Being a Landlord.

@ jdgjdg You can donate your blood/plasma to area laboratories willing to pay to access fresh blood for testing their instruments. If you let them know that you have any special inherited traits or disorders, you may find yourself donating more often for even more money.

Babysitting and nannying is a GREAT side hustle job if you can stand little kids. Parents are usually very willing to pay well to get a free night out on the weekend, leaving their kids with a trusted elder. There are plenty of websites like SitterCity and where you can create a profile, look for jobs, or have parents search for you. If you want to make extra money it's quite true that you can't settle with spending your free time plopped down on the couch!

There are a lot of independent donation clinics that pay for plasma donations. The site has a search function so you can find the donation centers in your area. However only some give money. I *think* generally the for profit centers pay cash and non-profit probably doesn't. Plasma donation centers aren't everywhere, theres none in my town.

I'm like RichUncle... Have been thinking about this topic for a while, just haven't come up with something quite right for me yet. These posts always motivate me to start taking it seriously again!
And the quote is from a song in Rocky Horror! Love that movie.

Rocky Horror. i claim my bonus points. Lfg

I love it. There is a limit to how much you can cut from your budget, but there is no limit to how much you can earn!

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