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May 01, 2012


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I like your idea on the clothes front. I will have to try that out.

We recently moved and when we were packing we set aside everything we decided we should probably get rid of and had a yard sale. After the yard sale whatever didn't sell went to Goodwill.

We make our boys go through their toys before any major gift giving event (Christmas, Birthdays, etc) and ask them to select items they don't play with anymore. Typically, newer toys that are chosen from their rooms get moved down to the basement and selected basement toys are given to charity. This is especially well timed around Christmas as it allows us to talk about those less fortunate than ourselves and how we can help. We have the boys join us on the trip to the charity and have them unload their donations.

Wire clothes hangers can be recycled at some dry cleaners. Also I used to donate some to a nursing home my friend lived at. They never seemed to have enough.

I thought outdated cell phones could be donated so some organizations that give them to abused women who need a way to call 911 if needed. Or they can be recycled as electronics equipment.

I agree with the article and FMF. I really enjoy getting rid of things that we don't need/use, and unless it is completely unusable, I enjoy donating items several times a year.

I am curious about how others feel about paper copies of paid bills. This is something I do based on what I learned from my parents. I will go through and get rid of things once a year and shred the older documents. I keep all IRS paperwork, but should I really get rid of the paid bill paperwork? What about pay stubs? What about insurance for which you get no ID card? All of this paper is worth shredding and being rid of?

One thing I learned years ago is that after you purge your closet of clothes you don't wear anymore, to then turn all your hangers around backward on the rod for the clothes you're keeping. After you wear an item, turn the hanger back around the right way. You'll be shocked how many hangers are still backwards at the end of a season - even after you did what you thought was a thorough purge of your clothes at the beginning of a season.

Sandy, great idea! Very simple and effective.

We are in the midst of a cleanup right now. I'm almost done with my clothes. (My hubby has VERY few clothes so all his stuff fits in his side of the closet and dresser drawers...whereas me when we moved from an apartment with a big walk in closet to a house with a small closet I had taking over 3 closets.)

I dividing them between Keep, Donate, and Sell at a JBF (Just Between Friends) consignment sale (it's a sale mainly of baby/kids items, maternity, etc...anything that doesn't sell automatically goes to charity).

Our next step is to go through our pictures (artwork) and boxes in our basement and garage.

I usually do the same thing with clothes- ask myself if I've worn it in the past year (I usually skip the second part because if I haven't done this, then I most likely won't in the next 12 months either) and bring it to my local GoodWill. These unworn clothes usually make up the majority of my "stuff" and I always feel good about the thought of giving someone in need clothing that would otherwise just be sitting in my closet. But you know what? I just cannot bring myself to throw away my VHS collection. Just too sad.

All of my stuff fits in a regular-sized bedroom. I tend to keep things only if they have a use, or they can make me money (ie - my art stuff).

If you want to get rid of your unnecessary stuff, watch a few episodes of A&E's "Hoarders" (you can watch for free on the A&E website). I've noticed that my friends and I cannot watch that show without throwing out something of ours, and cleaning in general.

Why would we get rid of our VHS tapes and cassettes? We still have a VHS player and cassette decks (and a couple of Walkmans), and lots of our old tapes still work just fine. We also have a turntable and LPs.

I highly recommend selling your stuff on Craigslist. I have had much success with the site in getting rid of unwanted items and I like they do not charge me to list my items or give them a profit from what I sell like ebay.

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