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May 12, 2012


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This is an excellent guest post and emphasizes many of the factors that most readers are well aware of.

For married people, one very important factor is this.
You must be a husband and wife team that are both on the same page and think alike when it comes to saving, managing, and spending your money.

Once per month my wife and I used to sit around the kitchen table and examine what came in that month and what had to go out that month, and most importantly, what was left over. Then came the best part of all which was "Paying ourself" - writing the checks that were deposits on our future happiness.

We came from near identical backgrounds, born and raised just a few miles apart and both of our fathers were firemen. My wife was different in one way, at the age of ten she won a scholarship to a very exclusive and expensive private girl's school. It was one where manners and the social graces were emphasized along with an excellent education, and for her (a girl from the working class) there were also elocution classes to get rid of that working class accent. I also got a scholarship but it was only to an all boys public grammar school. My wife has been a huge asset to me since we complement each others skills rather than just duplicate them and that has become more and more important the older we have become.

We were both natural savers and the lessons of childhood became engrained and we haven't changed much over the years in that regard. We have both met married couples where one was a saver and the other a spender, and that's a formula that frequently ends in divorce.

Bottom line - make a really wise choice before you tie the knot.

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