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June 10, 2012


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There are certain gifts of the spirit that are found in the works of people’s careers and professions. Faith without works is dead. Obvious ones are people involved in church’s. Outside the place of worship could be a nurse, doctor, anything medical, teacher, social worker, etc. They have the best opportunity seeing that they work with a lot of people in need. Are all following a calling, no, are some, probably a lot more that you think. Following you faiths principles and being an example in everything you do is part of your calling.

A Godly man can be a crooked accountant if he seperates the two but a Godly man can be an honest accountant if he is guided by his faith of being honest and having integrity.

Some have better opportunity than others.

I like you're response! I think thats true that a "calling" is something that we feel we are being urged to do to better the lives of others, and is completely non-beneficial to ourselves besides fulfilling that calling. Where a career is something you choose to do in order to fulfill business and financial purposes. But a calling can be something other than doing, it can simply be finding happiness in yourself.

I can see it in both ways potentially. Because in one way or another you could use some creativity to turn a calling into a profitable venture even if you don't think it normally would be. However, that may go against the other values you have established in your life.

I do agree with your perspective though! Also recognizing that you may have seasons of calling, where you are meant for something for some period of time, that may pass and you are to move on to another calling.

We serve both inside and outside the church. In all ways, we should be following God's calling. Yes, he calls some to be pastors or other "direct" ministry, but many, many others are called to other vocations where they are afforded opportunities to further the kingdom. Just because you work for a Fortune 500 company in the M&A department doesn't mean that isn't God's calling on your life. If you've been praying and following his lead, that is very likely exactly where he wants you!

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