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June 11, 2012


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I skimmed through the book too but wasn't enamored like a lot of folks. I think it's great that the book helped so many but personally I think there's a bit too much hype here.

Your Money or Your Life was the first book I read when I was starting to come to grips with my financial management - or lack thereof. I found it had many concepts I had never imagined, let alone lived. For me it was life changing. I admit to not having perfectly followed all the steps in the book, but I did most of them and found them helpful for a beginner (even if I was almost 50 when I first read it). I frequently encourage people who are thinking about retirement and are not sure how to accomplish it to read the book and use the good parts. I did find the first 50 or so pages of financial theory very deep going. Be that as it may, by good fortune and good advice, in part from YMOYL, I retired at 56.

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