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July 30, 2012


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When I was a kid I normally just hung out with friends and played video games. We'd also go play sports in the neighborhood and there was plenty of TV to be watched. You can't watch the price is right during the school year if you aren't home schooled!

We have tons of free events in the summer. We've been going to concerts, festivals, other shows locally. They are a lot of fun and we haven't spent much at all. When he is older we'll probably buy more fair food, but now we just go home to eat.

Libraries these days can provide entertainment. In addition to the books, many have play areas for younger kids, computers and such with games/activities for older kids, and you can even rent CDs, DVDs, and video games to encourage participation.

I think it is great you have taken your kids on historical trips. My son is a history buff and loved going to Washington D.C. We can't wait to take him next year!

My kids always look forward to summer because they expect to have a lot of time for sports, play with the neighborhood kids, and other extra curricular activities. One of the summer activities they have is the flute class in our parish. We only paid for the flute but the class is basically free. Last summer, a neighbor taught them to draw and paint. We provide the supplies, he provided the lessons, for free.

I agree, just getting out and "playing" with friends has fallen by the wayside now that kids can play by themselves with computer or video games. Having a water ballon or water gun fight, a game of man hunt, or even just setting up the sprinkler in the yard for them to run through are all cheap and easy ways for kids to have a great time and stay cool!

My youth was so long ago, but I remember many things. Sitting in a vacant lot waving at the trains, playing hide n seek-red rover & others, going to the movies on Sat. night and reading. Never enough time to do all of it.

My kids lived on a farm and did not have many kids close to play with, but they spent days in the summer with their grandmother in town where there was a pool hall, a swimming pool, a theater and lots of kids to bike and run with. We also would go to my hometown, about 150 miles away and see the Illinois State Museum, Lincoln's home and tomb, etc. Lots of educational, free stuff.

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