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July 22, 2012


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It is perfect for those who keep looking for an earthly 'commander' to supply their needs instead of taking personal responsibility.

What is the modern application in an economy in which there is a job shortage likely to endure for a long time and in which there are a growing number of low-wage workers without sufficient income to save adequately?

There must be a growing number of tapped out long-term unemployed who previously had saved what they expected to be a more than reasonable cushion for economic hiccups.

Modern day thoughts have convinced many to do the opposite.

It is only $5 more a month for a car.
Easy monthly payments.
Easy credit.
How many people got caught up with the minimum monthly payment on CC before cut off?

Too many.

Too many people tried to have a way of living that was beyond what they could afford.

Too many people lived for today and let the tomorrow take care of itself.

Well tomorrow is here and it was not taken care of and there is nothing left for you to survive on.

God provided but he can only provide so much. It was your free will that made the choices you are living with.


You are quite correct.

The ant parable contrasts those who are diligent about storing for the future with those who are lazy and do nothing to store. But alas the modern day person is not just not storing. They are not just spending all they have today. They are buying today with money from the future. Consuming things today with money from future years. They are not just poor but have mortgaged their future as well.

Consumer credit is the greatest wealth stealer of all.

I really like these posts that you do because its so interesting to see how Bible proverbs can translate directly into everyday life so many years later. This one is basically saying "don't let money burn a hole in your pocket". Thinking about the right now and spending money that you have just because you have it is the number one factor playing into the lives of those who can't/don't save. I think it comes with maturity to realize that although there are things you may want now, its a better idea to save that extra cash for the future.

I also love Proverbs 24:30 which speaks of the consequences of being lazy.

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