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July 23, 2012


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There's also a difference between trying to be liked and actually being likable. Some people are naturally easy to get along with, while others have to try to be social. Then there are some phonies, too.

But who knew that being a decent human being would get you places? Go figure.

-Christian L. @ Smart Military Money

If two people with similar credentials are up for promotion I bet the more likeable person wins. I try to stay positive and have a sense of humor and find that works for me. Just don't be a fake cheerleader... please!

The wisdom of Woody Boyd (from "Cheers") comes through again!

Sam: You know what they say: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Woody: Maybe I shouldn't be butting in here, but you can catch the most with dead squirrels.

We spend so much of our lives at work, it makes total sense to me that people that are enjoyable to be around would be rewarded for that trait. A person with a toxic personality can destroy morale so fast, and then no one is working to their full potential.

I still remember the day that my manager brought a young new graduate over to my desk and said, "I would like you to meet R.B., I am going to assign him to work with you". This young man was only average in his technical capabilities and his degree was not as applicable in our department as the ones that most other other employees possessed. However I noticed right away how likeable he was, and we soon become the best of friends. Later I noticed how he made a point to remember the name of everyone he met much more than I ever did and would greet them by name when they passed by in a corridor.

My career was a good one for me but I always preferred computers to people, went up the technical path and ended up as a senior staff engineer to a manager when I retired. Through mutual friends I was able to keep track of R.B's progress after I retired and was only slightly surprised to find out years later that when R.B. retired he had gone up the management path and risen to become a divisional vice president.

It really isn't hard to be friendly and respectful of other people. I think it can't be faked either as the lack of sincerity comes out in the body language.


I completely agree and wish my manager would see this too. We have a Supervisor who is technically very bright, but absolutely horrible with people. Our small plant (7 staff, 15 hourly workers) has suffered so much with him, but the manager won't do anything about it. Says he's looking at "the big picture". Very frustrating, and you can definitely tell that it has damaged moral.

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