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July 01, 2012


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I like the old saying, Lord, help me with what I can change, help me what I cant' change and the wisdom to know the difference.

"The Wisdom to know the difference. "

Seems like we need to spend more time seeking wisdom and you will be rewarded with a precious gift that is better than worldly measures of gold, silver and other riches.

How well do we do at knowing the difference?

Yes! Wisdom! It is something better than money. Yet how many of us seek after it anywhere near the way we will seek after cash? Wisdom pays well. There is long life, wealth, and honor. Those are pretty good things that I'd like to have.

I definitely agree with you. Wisdom and values are indeed far better than money. Nowadays, a lot of people are losing their values to be rich with money without realizing that wisdom is more important than money and other material possessions.

So basically, don't be a moron. Got it.

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