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July 16, 2012


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I have considered buying this book but I have heard it is more inspirational than it is actually actionable... your thoughts on the reviews that day that?

Lance --

I think it's both, but could see how some say it's light on practical suggestions compared to "stories". Personally, I like both and that's why I liked the book.

Why don't you see if your library has a copy or if you can browse through one at a bookstore? Then you can decide for yourself if this is a book for you.

I agree that it is more inspirational in nature, mainly because there is no single approach to how each case study subject made it. Your situation will dictate what you can do, how much of it, how and how well the outcome will be. It's a good read nonetheless. If you enjoyed the 4 Hour Workweek I think you'll like this. It makes you want to take action.

This seems like a pretty cool read. In your opinion, are the "practical tips" relayed through real life examples novel ideas that are unique to each situation? Or are they general inspirational ideas that can be attributed to almost any business venture? The way you describe how to book is set up makes it appear like it would a fun and interesting piece of literature, might have to pick it up for some ideas! Thanks.

Sounds a bit like the 4 hour work week but with more real life examples. I will add this to my list of books to check out.

It's an interesting book with some practical takeaways. There are also some legitimate examples but then again, Guillebeau also uses some shady/unscrupulous people/business...Naomi Dunford for one.

I'll definitely have to check it out next time I'm at the library, or at least see if they have it :)

I have placed this book on hold at the library and am very excited to read it.

I've read The $100 Startup and can highly recommend it. I can't speak on the other though.

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