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July 25, 2012


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I have noticed store clerks use their own when I didn't have one. This practice had to rack up substantial rewards, and I would equate it with stealing. Borrowing a card if you have one and forgot it, I see no issue. If you use one and don't have one - I am sure the store would rather have the sale. In the end all cards have the same purpose, track cash buyers, make it slightly easier to track other buyers and then target marketing towards them. So stores are not doing it out benevolence.

My girlfriend uses my grocery card but I never use the points so she gets discounted gas whenever we accumulate enough points. She drives more so it works out for us.

I shop at one of the two Giant Eagles here in Maryland. Often the store puts items on sale that my coworkers (who live closer to DC and far from these stores) use. If I see something for a good sale price that I know they use I'll ask if they want me to pick some up for them. If they end up wanting some, they simply pay me what their items cost. The result is that they get a good sale price, I get the free gas credits and the store makes a sale that it would not otherwise have made.

Another thing I do is pay close attention to the sales flyers, as Giant Eagle often offers bonus savings on certain items. This week I've been buying Starkist tuna pouches at 4 for $5. I ended up buying about 100 of these. Giant Eagle is offering 30 cents a gallon in bonus fuel perks for every group of 4 I buy. 30 cents bonus times 30 gallons (I take several 5 gallon gas cans with me when I redeem my fuel perks so I get the maximum amount of discount gasoline) means every $5 I spent earned me over $9 in free gas. I'm getting almost 2 dollars worth of gas for every dollar I spend on this item. And no, I wasn't "clearing the shelves" and selfishly keeping others from being able to buy some. The 100 I bought was only a tiny fraction of what the store had stocked up with prior to the sale.

If you don't have a friend's to use, have them look up Jenny's number (867-5309). I think most chains in america have had someone sign up with it, so it always works!!

I don't want any more rewards cards so I use my friend's phone number at a couple of places - at Barnes and Noble I save 10% while at DSW she receives the rewards from my shopping. It works for us.

We now have the in laws Kroger rewards card seeing that they have a gas station at there Kroger and we don't so they get our points and reduction on gas thru the rewards program.

Whenever they go see there grandson at college we make the reservation using our rewards card and our rewards credit card. They pay us and we get the extra points on both counts.

Works out nice for both of us.

some grad students at my university (who didn't like the "tracking" associated with these cards) had a store reward card exchange program. Basically, it was just an envelope on their office door with about 8 cards from the nearest major chain store. The idea was that anybody could get the savings, and whatever statistics the store gathered would be useless for identifying any individual shopper. People who had their own cards would often drop theirs in and take a different one.

We had one tied to our old land line phone number. Since we switched carriers and wound up with a new home number 2 years ago, but I never felt the need to update the grocery store or dry cleaners accounts with the new one. Well, the market researchers caught up to us and our old # doesn't work.

But Jenny's does.

I love the system LotharBar described. It must mke you feel like you're beating the system.

I live in Tampa and my mom lives in Massachusetts. Whenever she comes here she insists on going to Steinmart (a discount retailer much like Marshalls). She always picks up my aunts frequent buyer card before heading there, and it saves her a large percentage on her purchase. We're always astonished at how much we get for such little money there, and my aunt loves receiving the benefit points! Great post.

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