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August 12, 2012


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Amen to that! :)

I'd add an 8th pillar most people overlook. Joseph told Pharaoh that seven lean years would follow seven fat years, whereupon Pharaoh said cool, let's save for the lean years. The beauty of that strategy was not just that they had enough to survive the lean years, but they actually turned the lean years into the biggest expansion of their wealth. At no time did Pharaoh (and Joseph) expand as much as during that famine!

The lean years are the best times to make quantum leaps. In the good times improvement comes in incremental steps, but recessions are the times to make the big jumps... if we're prepared.

That's an 8th pillar. It's more than just saving for the future. It's building up a war chest with a purpose. And then striking at a time when others are paralyzed with fear.

How many bargains didn't you see in this last recession? And those bargains went unbought. Not because people didn't have money. There are always plenty who have money. Those bargains went unbought because people felt fearful and uncertain. Are those Biblical sentiments? Didn't think so either. :)

In our lifetime, we've seen a recession, like clockwork, every 7-10 years. Yet, for some unfathomable reason, this is still news to most people. Sound wisdom is to know it, plan for it, and to build a sound plan to prosper in it.


I agree with FMF. People may receive no formal personal finance training, so they look to the wrong places. That happens not just with finances but with following bad examples of personal relationships, marriage, career, etc. it is always better to look to the absolute standard proven across the ages instead of the latest flash in the pan celebrity.

I appreciate the excellent thought added by William, too. Too many dig deep holes thinking prosperity will never end, but there are very definitely cycles. Great point to plan for lean times by storing up. Again the Bible points the way.

Wow people actually believe they can be the next Trump or Kim Kardashian? Crazy... I definitely believe people should take advice from people more at their level if they're trying to be serious.

I think Sponge Bob Square Pants has a better Philisopy than either of these two celebs.

The customer is always right and he tries to be the best employee for Mr. Crabby.

With that sarcasim said it is sad that a cartoon character would probably even trump in peoples minds the wisdom of the bible.

One in ten Americans ages 18-34 taking ANY kind of advice from Kim Kardashian is sickening! Yes, she's rich, but she got that way by exploiting herself and giving up her personal freedom to be followed around by cameras. Wow, I'm scared for our future generations. I always love your posts about the bible and money, and they never cease to amaze me how the lessons can carry over across centuries.

Funny who we get advice from. Watching the Today Show they had some 20 somethings giving marital advice. The financial wisdom and principles in the Bible have been timely and proven to work by Jews and Christians for centuries. When I was 20 I wouldn't take advice, I wished I asked for it and listened then.

Well, you're getting a lot of positive reinforcement from your commenters, but I'm having a hard time buying into your thesis.

Donald Trump is a real living person with real experience in today's world and stellar results to back his advice.

The Bible is an ancient collection of anecdotes and superstition backed only by outrageous supernatural explanations.


Sam --

Even if you don't believe the Bible is inspired, surely you're not saying that because a book is old it doesn't have any value/wisdom in it, are you? For example, do you discount the book The Richest Man in Babylon? After all, it is an "ancient collection of anecdotes and superstition".

That is a bad way to compare something with Bible. I think these people have no respect for the holy Book.

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