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August 22, 2012


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Some good points.

Maybe a little too much of the chicken little mentality of the sky is falling brings on negative attitudes. Easy access to changing your investments via an smartphone and you have a receipt of a volital market that has nothing to do with sound principles of investing but influenced by media driven dribble.

You're absolutely right. There are enough things we can control that it doesn't make a difference who is in Washington. If we focus on what we can control (our decisions) and do the right things, things will work out OK.

As a general rule (and this is stepping in the off-topic direction) my wife and I have stopped watching television news and reading newspapers. Those media tend to focus on negative stuff, and stuff we can't control. What's the point of getting riled up over things we can have no impact on?

With the internet, we can stay up to date on what's important in far less time. Time which we can spend on making better decisions with our finances.

This was a nice fresh spin on how people focus so much on how politics will shape their future one in every four years then blame the Guy who got elected for everything that goes wrong financially for the next 3 years. Instead improve what you Dan control and the small part you can't control wont matter so much.

Yes, you make some great points. I've been disheartened over the years at how so many people have become dependent upon the government. I think I ready nearly 40 or 50% of Americans get some kind of aid or benefit from some level of government. That is not healthy, nor is it sustainable.

1) A. ,2) A. ,3) A. ,4) B. ,5) B. ,6) B. ,7) A.

As a result of a lifetime of living well within our means, having a 56 year marriage, still saving because our annual income is far larger than we ever expected at 78 & 79, minding our own business, being as anonymous as we possibly can, and always making smart financial decisions, we are very well off financially, couldn't be happier, and have everything we could possibly want.
Our bucket list became empty in 2010, and life is as good as it can get at our age.

The problem with the underlying philosophy of this post is that politics IS intruding more and more into our lives. It seems our lives have become more and more dominated by a crony-capitalist elite on one hand and a heavy handed government elite on the other. Obviously, living below your means is the only sensible thing to do....but I have my doubts as to whether that will be enough.

I see what your saying Mark, but is it any better anywhere else in the world? I figure everywhere has its problems that people have to just get over.

Mark & JayB:
I agree, our political system has stopped working. Things didn't use to be like this. There was a lot of cooperation between the two parties in earlier times that seems to have vanished.

I also think that religion is also intruding far too much into politics and people's private lives, especially with regard to controversial issues like abortion, birth control, and gay and lesbian relationships. Personally I would like to see the gun control laws change dramatically. It's just too easy for guns to get into the hands of people that have no compunction about using them to kill people, especially now that we have so many unemployed people that are angry and desperate for money.

I agree on the intrusion of religion as well. That said, I am gay and many gays in the San Francisco crows are every bit as intolerant as the fundamentalists. I've experienced it first hand, so it definitely cuts both ways.

As far as guns go, I think many of these mass shooters are deliberately mind controlled. Start researching it for yourself. The elites don't want people to have guns. They know how to use mind control to get people to do mass shootings, so that people will be willing to give up guns. I know, you probably think I'm crazy. But the gun issue is part of a larger plan to accrue power at the top. It's called: Problem. Reaction. Solution. The problem is deliberately created (or often just the perception of a problem). Then there's the reaction from the general public "Something must be done!". Then they imiplement the "solution" which is the thing they always wanted to do anyway. The "solution" always involves more restrictions on freedom and centralizes political and economic power at the top. Now you probably think I'm a nut, but there you have it. Sorry for veering off topic, but I think it's important for peole from across the political spectrum to start seeing what is really going on.

You've got MY vote! I know you're not on the ballot, but I'm writin' you in!

That was a good perspective to get people back involved with their finances. Focusing too much on the uncontrolables leaves you losing control of what you can control.

This is great! It is so true that too many people place heavy emphasis on what the candidates are promising and how they each view the future of the company. In reality, our votes aren't really directly choosing them anyway, so why not take control of your own financial situation and stop being so worried about the plans of other people saying they know what will happen with your money. Only you do, because you're in control of it.

I guess what I was trying to get at was this. I feel like the underlying philosophy of this post is valid. We can ignore the uncontrolables and focus on what we can control, (that I feel is the underlying philosophy).

Now, I do agree that politics do intrude more and more in our lives. But what I want to know is given all of this, where is it any better? Canada? Australia? Eurpope? China?

I hear all of this complaining about our system, and a lot of it is valid, but given the whole picture, I feel like we are still in the best system in the world. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm not sure, but it's what we have, and we have to deal with it. If that means ignoring it and doing our own thing like the post says, then I'm in 100% agreement with the post.

It can be difficult trying to plan for financial freedom when no one knows what Social Security will look like in 20 years.

Squeezer --

That's why I'm planning as if I'll get ZERO from SS...

"Now, I do agree that politics do intrude more and more in our lives. But what I want to know is given all of this, where is it any better? Canada? Australia? Eurpope? China?""

It's an excellent question, and therein lies the problem. There isn't anywhere to run. When people really start understanding that over the last 100 years or so, the foundation has now been laid for a global dictatorship (single world currency (Euro is the first step), single world army (NATO), single government (UN), plus a few cartel-like businesses/industries (pharmaceuticals/oil/banks/media)) maybe then we can start taking back our own power.

Like I said, individual effort can do a lot, but it won't be enough to combat the plans of the global elite, which go back centures. Research for yourselves.

Well, I'm kind of depressed now, but look what I found.

Apparently people are moving to Nicaragua when they retire because the cost of living is so much cheaper. Now this would be an ideal situation for me, given there is clean water, food, ample power, communication with the outside world, etc... the necessities.

Anyone know of any other places that retirement could be more feasible? Hope I am not getting to far off topic, but financial freedom is what I want, and it might be more easily obtained elsewhere. Just a thought.

JayB --

Since you asked, check these out:

Awesome, Thanks!

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