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August 21, 2012


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It is amazing what deals you can get when you're nice. A lot of people take negotiating as a I win you lose situation and when you do that it is much less likely you're going to get a deal. Show some interest in the other person and get them to like you is definitely your best shot.

Tires already! Didn't you just by that Highlander, or have I been reading this forum for that long?

Check out "Love is the Killer App" and/or the "Likeability Factor." Both are pretty easy reads (if you can get past the "cutesy" terms they use) on why personal relationships are valuable.

My wife is much better at this than I am.

She always gets good deals.

Ah, the "likeability factor" at work! I bought those high-mileage Michelin tires for my Honda Pilot last year at Sam's Club. I was in the middle of a trip out east, was driving in a major rain storm, and realized my tires needed to be replaced. They were the original tires and I had 80,000 miles on the car. I discovered that Sam's had free wi-fi, so I worked on my computer for about an hour while I waited, and enjoyed a pretzel and a Coke.

When I'm at home, I usually buy tires from my regular mechanic, who gets me high quality tires without the name brand price.

I've saved money on tired by ordering them online, and then taking them to a local store for mounting and balancing. The markup on tires is extreme in many cases.

Just curious...does Belle also offer the other perks that you get from Costco or BJ's? Free lifetime tire balance/rotation and the flat repair/replacement warranty? Those always drew me to stick with the club tires...from what I've seen balance and rotate is like $10/tire at most shops.

disregard my last post...went to the link you had for Belle's Tire. Wow, I don't know how the clubs could beat them...great deal.

TL -

The car is less than two years old but has about 40k miles on it!

It's smart to consider how close the store is for the return trips to rotate before you buy your tires. You could burn up any savings going back and forth. I'm always friendly with people I deal with. I find it makes it easier for me and them.

Have you checked out tire rack? I got my last tires there and was pretty happy with the service.

Great job shopping around and waiting for the right deal! Patience does pay off hehe.

I am sure your interest in this person was genuine and not self serving. IMO genuine interest in people during transactions is important and the by product is that you do score some good deals sometimes and a developing friendship sometimes. However a fake interest can be spotted a mile off....just a little emotional intelligence advice for those that feign interest but really just want the deal. The important part was you planned enough ahead that you weren't stuck making a hasty decision with a flat tire. Congrats.

Um, thats pretty awesome! Do you think you would have tried to haggle a little if the Belle tire people said they couldn't match the Costco tired price? I'm always pleasant and friendly with people, especially those in customer service, because you never know the other kinds of people they've dealt with throughout the day, and how much they appreciate (and give) to people who aren't complete jerks to them.

Kelly --

I'm not sure, but knowing me I would have tried. :)

I must be out of it. HOW much are your tires?
$817? You have GOT to be kidding.

Greg --

Two issues:

1. Toyota Highlander (larger vehicle)

2. Top-of-the-line 65k Michelin tires (we live in Michigan and need good tires)

In my opinion, befriending clerks, but being honest about that, is a good way to save some money.

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