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August 20, 2012


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I didn't leave a comment on your previous post, but I thought you were completely correct about this issue. I think the commenters who suggested that social networking doesn't affect hiring are naive. Yes, of course there are going to be cases where employers don't care or don't look. But why even take that chance? Just be mindful of what you expose of yourself to the world. If you think employers shouldn't access your personal info that YOU make/keep public, then I have no idea what to say to you.

I agree that the people who don't think what they post will not harm them. Some day it might.

There is a rap group called Insane Clown Posse that the FBI has taken down all of the people who have "liked" this group on FB and have become part of there fan page. The FBI has labeled them as a hate group and now consider anyone attending a concert as consipirators.

But it will not effect the mother of 4 who "liked" them on FB.

Here is the story on Fox 2 Detroit.

I'm in consulting and Linked In is useful to stay in touch with past colleagues who I may not talk to frequently, but need to track down a few years later for a question, job opportunity, etc. My profile is basically just an online resume, and I usually update both the traditional resume & linked at the conclusion of my projects.

Thats interesting that spelling and grammar mistakes on such an informal area would have more of a negative effect that alcohol use; I once read that a 25 year old elementary school teacher was fired from her job after someone discovered a picture of her enjoying a glass of wine while on vacation in Europe-crazy! LinkedIn can be a good tool for networking with people in your industry even if you're not looking for a job. There are places where you can answer questions and take part in discussion boards to demonstrate your expertise and possibly make connections with people you otherwise wouldn't be in contact with.

I am using LinkedIn to expand my network. I find it a good way to connect with people in the marketplace. My profile is at 100% and I have joined a number of groups. I list what I am reading and I answer questions from other users on how to use the site. It is another place to leave "bread crumbs" for those who want to know what you are like.

That Moneyland link appears to be going to the wrong article.

I think this is the right article :

I don't give much attention or weight to social network or information on a candidate obtained through a google search. I trust that my interview questions accurately assess the candidates intelligence, skills, and motivations. Now - I expect that every candidate that I interview has google'd me and is aware of my background. I am almost surprised in a negative way when a candidate hasn't done their research to find out about me. I don't really care if they gamble and drink when not at work as long as they get the job done and perform at a high level.

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