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September 04, 2012


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I am considering that card one day but the annual fee makes me think twice. I would have to do an analysis to make sure it would be worth it for me.

Lance@MoneyLife&More --

Here's how you figure it out.

Versus a 1% card:
0.06X - 0.01X = $75 (the annual fee)
0.05X = $75
X = $1,500 Annual grocery spend

Versus a 3% card (such as Blue Cash Everyday):
0.06X - 0.03X = $75 (the annual fee)
0.03X = $75
X = $2,500 Annual grocery spend

I've been able to stack multiple discounts with a very large retailer to get 14.5% off my gift cards purchased through them.

Sometimes Safeway or Giant give a $10 Catalina good on next purchase when purchasing $50 worth of certain gift cards. I have purchased Lowe's gift cards during these promotions. If I'm lucky Safeway will also be offering 4X gas rewards on gift cards at the same time (so a $50 gift card purchase will save me $.20/gallon). I currently earn 2% on grocery store purchases, I really need to think about the Blue Cash every day card, but we have so many cards from chasing other promotions I have hesitated.

Cardpool had Panera at a 7% discount.

Wow, what a great idea. Just shows how far a little effort and thought can go in saving you money. I know plenty of people who would love to get a Panera gift card as a present, and even if I bought one for myself for awards elsewhere, I would use it up in a matter of weeks.

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