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October 07, 2012


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Great post! My thoughts are that God will use anything or anyone necessary to open our eyes to his presence. Like the parable in the Bible of the sower and the seed (Luke 8:5)...God is always planting the seed.

I heard about this for the first time earlier this year and I think it worked for the person who told me she did it (It was also around St. Joseph's Day so maybe that helped also).

My husband and I were just talking about this. We do the same here! We sold our home in 2008 within a few months. None of the other homes within several blocks (that we considered competition) have sold since. They were all eventually pulled off the market. Of course, our home was well maintained and showed very well. But pricing,specs, etc were very similar to the others. We plan to do the same again in 2013 when we sell our current home. To be honest, I don't pray that our home sells quickly. But I do pray that I'll be with my husband as soon as possible. He's military and has a report no later than date. My son and I are left to sell the house when has to leave. Using the St Joseph statue does give me a little peace of mind though.

When we sold our house 12 years ago (the market was hot)my wife thought our asking price was way high and laughed when the realator said the asking price. The house went on the market on wednesday, 4 people saw it on thursday and friday we had an offer. Sold. Full asking price but wanted all the appliance. No problem and no St. Joe statue.

However, God knew I was a little stressed in that we had an offer accepted on another house and there was no provision to back out of the deal if our other house did not sell. It was a big leap of faith for me at the time that I knew God would provide and he did.

Then again when I became a confirmed Catholic I did take the confirmation name of Joseph becasue I really like what he stood for as a saint and both my son's middle name are Joseph so maybe St. Joe was looking after us after all.

When your house is not selling there may be a reason that it is not selling. There is a plan and it may not be yours. Maybe the time is not right or maybe you need a little faith boost or who knows.

It is hard to hear God direction with all the noise of this world and it is even harder when things are not going your way.

I don't buy into superstitions. I've sold numerous houses over the years and never did partake in such superstitious nonsense.

Innefective idolatry doesn't sell houses.

I don't expect a journalist at AOL Real Estate to be an expert on relition, but burying a statue of St. Joseph is NOT a Christian tradition.

I'm thinking the whole statue thing could invite evil spirits into the process or into your life. I wouldn't want to go there.

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