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October 17, 2012


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It does not surprize me. They make little money off of people who are diligent and pay off there bills to reep the reward points.

BTW Best Western uses Master Card which is what I use for hotel stays. Wen we go see my son at college we stay there. 5 points for every dollar at a BW and if you follow there promotions. you can rack up free nights without trying hard.

That's really interesting for people who care about their credit score, canceling the old hold-overs is exactly what they tell you not to do if you're trying to keep it as high as possible.

Wow very interesting! I've always wondered if anyone hit the limit.

Good info. I wonder how many cards is too many. I have 2 with Chase and probably should open an Ink card to take advantage of the bonus too.

A couple of years ago I tried to open a third card with Chase and received the same letter.

Just curious - have you ever seen the offers for the Chase Ink Bold or the Ink Plus? They have higher sign up bonuses compare to the Ink Cash (that can still be converted to cash back, but also converted to transfer partners or for travel) and they have their annual fees waived for the first year and potentially have more lucrative bonus categories (office supplies, gas, etc).

In my experience, Chase is one of the easiest lenders to work with as far as credit cards go, though you have a personal max of 4 or 5 cards. Many times, instead of cancelling a card, you can reduce the credit line of one card to open up new one.

That is interesting and I definitely did not know that. I wonder if the limit depends on the person or if it is a hard fast rule for everyone...

I have a been a Hilton member for a decade, during this time, I have amassed close to 2 million points, which we luxuriously spent on vacations at Hawaii(3 times), London, Paris and Orlando. It has no annual fee(at least the one that I have) and we use points for our stays at their Category 6 & 7 hotels.

I'm still confused.

Long story short, How many cards you have (hit the limit) from American Express & Chase?

What are you using the HIlton points for exactly?

I wouldn't value Hilton points at $.01 each based on how much Hilton sells em for. Companies sell points for more than you can redeem them for. FOr hotel stays Hilton points are worth around $100/30k points to $180/40k points for hotels I've looked at. I'm sure other people could make better use of the points, but not me. Of course if you stay in Hilton a lot for work then having the card may be good idea cause you can get free points via work travel that way.

Credit Card rewards aren't a big issue now that we are in our late 70's, quit travelling in 2010, and are no longer big spenders. I have Fidelity Amex & M/C and Costco/Amex. Our rewards, excluding Costco cards were only as shown, but it's a whole lot better than the masses that are paying interest.
2012 - $486
2011 - $489
2010 - $431

The Costco cards pay an end of year reward based on your purchases and usually covers our January and February Costco expenditures.

Jim --

I am looking at using 40k points for a room that normally costs in the $250-4300 range per night in NYC. And I do get a ton of points because I stay at Hilton hotels on business.

Stephanie --

You said, "potentially have more lucrative bonus categories (office supplies, gas, etc)."

More than 5%? Need specifics...

Nicole --

I'm not sure. They are counting cards that are technically "active" but that I haven't had or used in years...

Not on topic, but did you see that Amex is capping the 6% supermarket rewards on Blue Cash Preferred to the first $6,000 of eligible purchases and then 1% - likely as an attempt at shutting down the gift card loophole. This is from the October statements. Change is effective January 15, 2013.
A pity. Still obviously attractive but I would imagine most families of 3-4 exceed $500 in groceries a month even without the gift cards.


I apologize, I was inaccurate earlier for the Ink Cash card (since I'm least familiar with it). It seems all the Ink business cards have the same 5x/5% bonus categories.


Did you see the new US Bank Cash+ Card? You get to choose 2 categories of 5% and one category of 2% (usual categories). I don't have it but this seems interesting. I believe the only catch was you had to register your categories every quarter but that also gave you the freedom to change if you needed. I saw a writeup on 20 Something finance but it seems to have been deleted.

Luke --

I have not, but it sounds interesting.


So you finally reached your limit, eh? ;)

I just got the Delta Sky Miles American Express Card in August, in preparation for a trip our family of seven took to Arizona a few weeks ago. The Delta Amex, in addition to giving me 30K or 40K Sky Mile points after I spent my first $500 on the card, also gives everyone who travels with me one free checked bag (up to 9 bags total).

For our Phoenix trip, we saved $250 in bag fees with the Delta Amex, since it would have cost us $25 each way for each of our five kids.

Does anyone know how to get one of those Ink business cards if you don't have a business? Do they really check to see if you have a business or can you lie?

Mark --

I don't think they really care. While they asked for a business name, that was it. No other info and all the data they requested was personal.

My friend got that card that she doesn't even own a business.

Never considered getting additional cards. Too complicated as far as I'm concerned.

I have one corporate card.

For personal use I have two. One with a low credit limit that we use for travel. One with a higher limit that has some automatic bills (cell phone, etc) tied to it.
We use good old fashioned cash for most shopping.

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