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November 18, 2012


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Just to expand on the multiple cards thing, if you have two cards on the same account (like my wife and I do) that have different numbers, each of those can be used.

Very cool. Kind of bummed I don't have an AMEX card now.

In for 3. Now I'm trying to think of the best way to use it without buying something I don't need. I'm thinking of a produce store or market.

In my opinion this is nothing but a gimmick.
None of the stores or businesses that we shop at are on the list even though they accept AMEX cards.

Why would I go out on just one particular day to buy something that I don't want, such as a tattoo, or something equally ridiculous from a merchant that is having a hard time getting customers.

Old Limey --

I have two small grocery stores, two restaurants we like and a few other places to choose from. We'll probably spend most of our amount at the grocery stores. Anyone can use food, right?

I would suggest you use the function to name a store to search for it. If you just put in your zip code, it won't return all the stores you may want to go to. At least it didn't for me -- I had to nose around a bit.

Alright! Thanks for the tip FMF. I found several restaurants in my area and a few stores that like. I even found a gas station. I guess that means I could just go get gas if I wanted to??? I'll probably go to one of the stores. Thanks agains FMF. You know how I love free stuff.

Old Limey, there are many stores where I regularly shop that take Amex and qualify as small businesses recognized by this promo. So I, for one, am not planning to buy something I don't need just to take advantage of the promo...

Thanks for the reminder!

i will use this with my two amex cards to help with christmas gifts

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