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November 05, 2012


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I'd like to enter!

Count me in.

Quicken is a great product that I have also used for many years. It doesn't take much time to keep things in order once you're setup and it adds greatly to understanding ones finances and helping create discipline.

Thanks for the chance... I'd like to be entered for the software, I've used Quicken for many years!

Would love to give it a try

I'd love to get a copy of quicken to try out.

in the past two years - new wife, new house, new puppy, new kid, loss of income due to SATM, another new puppy. would love to have a great product to help organize my finances.

I'm a fan of Intuit too!

Please, count me in!

I have never tried Quicken, would love to try it out.

love it

I'm still using Microsoft Money, so I'd give Quicken a try.

Who doesn't love free stuff?

I was going to buy Quicken in the next month, so this would be perfect!

I use quicken 2005 to track all of my personal spending. It works, but I would love a newer version. Hopefully I can win it... or maybe I should look into contacting Quicken's PR department!

I totally respect your opinion and your endorsement of this product is enough to get me excited.

I like to give it a try and perhaps become a believer as well and recommend it to my friends and family.

Would love it!

Count me in! I'll be using Quicken to assess our personal finance impact from Hurricane Sandy...just as soon as we get electric service back! Day 7 and counting...

This would be such a help to me and my family!

Time to upgrade from Excel.....thanks for the opportunity!

I also use Quicken, but the upgrades are so pricey!

pick me



Thank you!

I'd like to enter.

I love Quicken too! Pick me!


Would love to try Quicken. Thanks.

Already use it, but need to upgrade to the 2013 edition and am anticipating the new mobile version!

i love to win a copy!


Please add me to the list.

I was planning on moving to Quicken from This would be great.

May be this can help to straighten out my finances.Thanks.

I would love a copy of this.

I use YNAB, and would love to compare to Quicken.

I like to say I'm not very lucky, but very fortunate. Prove me wrong!

Give it a go!

I've used Quicken for years, too, but I will say that I've had a lot of problems with 2013. It's been out for about 4 weeks now and they're already up to release 6. Not sure what happened with their testing, but they could have used a few more weeks to get it right the first time. I'll wait a couple of months before I buy the next version.

With all that said, I'd love to see what Home and Business has to offer.

Thank you!


With a new business up and going, I would love to try out Quicken Home and Business. Thanks for the opportunity!

I've always planned to someday start to use Quicken, would love to win a copy!

I love Quicken!

Quicken would improve my Aprils

Currently using Microsoft Excel and would love to switch to Quicken! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

This would be great! We are just starting a home business and I would love this

Thank you for this opportunity and also thanks to Quicken!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Much better odds than playing the lottery and the price is right.

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