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November 27, 2012


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Seems like a great book based on the excepts you've posted.

I have 20 months to go until I retire with pension and 403b funds, which if I've planned accordingly will provide same monthly income for life as what I curerntly receive working. But any info I could gleem from this book, would be useful and appreciated.

I really apreciate this series of posts. I tried to prepare early for retirement but have had some serious setbacks. This gives me hope.

Thanks! I've enjoyed these posts, and would love to read more.


I've really enjoyed the excerpts from this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

Interesting material

Great contest!

From the previous posts, the book definitely seems interesting. I'm not sure how well the book covers the costs of raising kids though ;)

In for a chance at the book. Looks interesting based on your posts.

i'm in for a free retirement planning book!

Fingers crossed to win!

This sounds like a great book for figuring out how to calculate retirement numbers. Count me in!!

I'd love to get a copy of this book.

Will be a good read and help in preparation to retire!

In my mid-50s now, hopefully have planned accordingly, but one never knows what comes around the corner.

I am 50 and absolutely not ready for retirement. It does scare me, wish I had some good information to help me along. Hope it is not too late

One day I'll be there. This site is one of the ingredients for getting there.

excellent giveaway !!

Yes please!

I hope I win, good luck everyone!

The exerpts from the book seem interesting. It would be a good addition to the financial library.

I'd like to win

I would love to read it!

Thanks for the giveway. Always look forward to your posts.

Thanks! The book sounds great!

I can always use some new information. Thanks!

Sounds like a great book I am definetely interested in reading.

Most of these guys won't read the I will.

Me, me, me... oh, wait a second, it's my book :-)

Thanks for your support, FMF, with this series of posts. I'm glad it went over well with your readers.

i want a copy.

I would really enjoy this book if I win. Thanks for your great blog!

This will be the first book I would ever finish.

thanks for the opportunity.

This looks like a great book.

I've enjoyed the posts on this book.

Sounds like a good book.

The excerpts you provided make me want to dig deeper into the book.

I like his retirement calculator!

I would like to read the entire book.

-Rick Francis

I'd love to win. Your snippets were great!

Already familiar with my retirement numbers, but you never can have too much information at your disposal. Thanks for the contest.

Count me in!

Can't wait to read this this! Hoping I win.

I am not wanting a copy of this book

Help! I need help or I'm never gonna be able to retire! And thank you!

Thank you.

Thanks, count me in for the drawing!

Thank You.

Yes, please!

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