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December 12, 2012


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I actually did pretty well with my goals for the year, after thinking about and looking back at what I set out to do at the beginning of the year.

It's interesting how I had been really thinking lately that I'm behind where I want to be, and that I need to accelerate progress. It simply took going back and looking back to where I was earlier in the year and what I set out to do, before I realized that you know - I actually accomplished some goals quite well this year!

Sometimes it takes going back and revisiting prior goals to give ourselves a break and be happy with progress!

My only big resolution was to get a new job which I completed early on. I did start my side gig this year which I have always wanted to do but never really set a goal for. It has been a blast!


It would be really cool to see what your typical schedule looks like. With so many activities/work/investment/blogging that you do, it would informative to see how you balance everything.


I rolled over my IRA after I quit my job. I also took the opportunity to rebalance when I rollover. Those are the big things. Next year I need to update our will and one other thing I can't recall right now.
2012 was a busy year.

While not truly a resolution, we had a goal of starting our own business and be on firm enough ground to be able to do so. Thankfully that's been accomplished and things are looking good so far.

My financial resolution this year was to take advantage of the downed housing market and purchase my first home. I successfully did so in May 2012 and am aggressively paying it off. My plan is to have it paid off in full by 2018.

Jake --

There's not really a typical day, but it's generally like this:

Event (like BB for son)

But there are tons of exceptions for lunches, volunteer activities, weekends, and so forth.

Like JayB, my financial resolution this year was to exploit the low mortgage rates and the probable continuation of the mortgage interest deduction. I sold my small paid off home, took out a large mortgage, and purchased a large new home in the most desireable neighborhood in town. I'm investing the rest of the equity conservatively, but even so I come out at least full percentage point ahead on the money because of the interest deduction. Maybe more if my marginal tax rate increases which I expect it will. I wouldnt try this most places, but in my city real estate is still a solid investment so I figured why not? We will see how it turns out...

Pay down $100K of (investment property debt), max 401ks. Met.

We keep it simple, next year is the same thing.

I'm in a unique situation, at least I think I am. My goal was to double my bank account. I didn't quite get there, but it did grow by 75%, which isn't a bad result.

Kept saying I was "going to spend more money in 2012", being single and with no blood siblings, I figure dying close to broke at age 100 is a nice goal :), ..alas, I did help some close friends out and spend a little more but, my net worth increased more. Guess I need to create more needs? It's tough after a life of being careful amassing about $2.5M in liquid net worth by my mid 40's..

Jeff -

Want to adopt me?

:) If your feamle, single and svelt /active... you can stand in line :)


Paid off the credit cards and bought a rental property. Pretty satisfied for the most part. I am still in awe of your red kettle challenge. What a great thing to be able to do!

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