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December 27, 2012


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This is a nice challenge for the holiday season.

I used to volunteer for the Salvation Army also. I froze my toes (not literally) many nights ringing bells to collect money in snowy Colorado. I think the Salvation Army are really at the front lines of helping people who are truly in need.

The Salvation Army has a noteworthy background that you may find very interesting. It dates back to 1852 on the streets of London, England.

Just a small note of a typo in your post. It looks like you have the cumulative total as $5,000. Should this be $50,000? This is fantastic, and I'll surely be contributing some.

Russell --

Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it.


You are The Man! This is a great idea and an awesome challenge.

Done deal.

Thanks to all of you who have given so far. We have a good start at almost $2,000 donated!

I think your matching contribution is just too awesome to pass up!

I had to donate knowing you were matching the funds and the selected charity. Happy holidays!

Kay Lynn --

Thanks to you and all the others who have given! Let's keep it going!!! :)

Well, with your match, your match limit being so high and hard to reach, and the fact this org has such a good rep for efficient giving, I guess not giving would be like not contributing to a matching 401k (turning down free money...). So I guess I have to...

Steve --

Very nice. Thanks. :)

We donated and then we are going to submit it to my wife's company and they will match. So the Salvation Army gets 3 for 1 with FMF's match!! :-)

TL --


Thanks for being so generous!

Totally awesome FMF! Donating right now.

I'm actually going to the Salvation Army today to donate three bags of clothes and other items.

Over the past two years, I've literally donated over 25 bigs of things. Kinda scary how much STUFF we have.

Nice job with this charity!

What a wonderful challenge. The Savation Army does so much for our community, even to the point of providing dental care for poor folks who are in pain. I will make a donation for sure.

Great job FMF! Way to think about those who helped you out in the beginning!

Linda --

Not sure what you mean. My family never received assistance from the Salvation Army.

What a wonderful thing to do for the holiday season. It looks like you have far surpassed your donations from the previous year. Great job with getting everyone's cooperation. :)

Nice work FMF!

Just made it under the wire :-)


Thanks, Mike!!!!


Cheers for Mr F! (Couldn't resist the joke.) There's still time to donate this year and the match is quite appealing.

Way to go FMF! Great job in raising $40,000 for the Salvation Army and for giving us the opportunity to give along with you!

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