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January 26, 2013


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I won't change anything.

401k the same, roth ira same, college saving same.

I will be investing more in cash and less in stocks this year. I'm trying to save up one year's worth of expenses to cover myself in case of layoffs. This is a lot of dead capital to have laying around, but given that the economy is still in bad shape, if I do get laid off I need to be prepared for a prolonged job hunt.

I'm using some recent gains in stocks to pay cash for a goal of 10 additional single family rentals. Of course, we'll always contribute up to the employer match in the 401(k). I do expect bond yields to start rising so bond buyers beware. Stocks may peak this year if the Fed stops the shenanigans. Just my opinion.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the economy and stock market this year. So I'm putting (trickling) more money into stocks.

I'll be keeping my investing the same for my retirement funds. I will probably be adding more investments in 2013 after my girlfriend's student loan payments are gone.

Still looking at real estate, plus saving a cash cushion for starting a family.

I'm keeping my allocations in the 401k the same. 75% stocks, & 25% global bonds.

I am attempting to build an emergency fund.
I am starting a fund to save up for my next car ($30.00 so far).
Contributing up the the very small match for my work pension.
Contributing in my RRSP (registered retirement savings plan -Canada eh) only up to the amount tht gives me the best tax return (about $2,500)
Putting any extra cash in to my TFSA (tax free savings account -Canada again eh) and buying bank dividend stocks and figuring out what kind ot Vanguard fund I should buy.

BUT - the number 1 thing I am trying to do is to rid myself of this giant weight of debt that hangs around my neck and keeps me from saving for my future.

I'm looking to diversify a small portion of my investments into a REIT index fund. I'd like to do what you seemingly did. Use some of the money in the REIT fund to pay for property some day.

I increased my weekly deposit to 250 from 50 to betterment. In last 18 months I got 10% returns in a 95% stock/ 5% bond portfolio. I am treating this as my emergency fund due to ease of getting money in and out.

We're not making any real changes to our investment allocation, but we'll be adding more money to our portfolio because we just paid off our mortgage. Those monthly mortgage payments will now be going to our investments.

I have almost the same exact setup as you (401k first followed by paycheck money shipped off to my Vanguard IRA) except that this year I decided to try my hand at buying dividend stocks using a variation of the Dogs of the Dow strategy. Last year I started off small and the returns were good, so I hope I can keep up with the golden touch.

If you weren't in stocks in 2012 going into 2013 is it wise to buy into an up market? Unfortunately that's what the majority seem to do. I believe that reactive or emotional investing is what ends up losing many people their investments. I believe that being a contrarian is the right way to go so that now that we have money going into the markets, we should be either selling or placing stop losses on profitable positions (I'm doing both.

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