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February 06, 2013


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I'm doing pretty well on that list. The big one for me is updating my resume. Last year was a very productive year for me with a new job and some new responsibilities and accomplishments. I need to get around to itemizing those.

I still feel overwhelmed by the idea of reviewing our investments regularly. I see what things are doing but never know what changes to make, if any. I should probably be more actively involved but I don't know what to do and don't feel competent to move the money around in there if that's what I'm supposed to be doing.

I am sitting down soon to review the investments portfolio. We expect a lump sum from a cancelled pension plan and will need to rebalance later this year, so makes sense to decide on changes earlier rather than later and make them gradually.
As part of that I keep struggling whether to keep a high cost fund in the portfolio. Very high cost indeed but with net returns comparable or better to our low cost ones. I know (and generally believe) the gospel about low cost index funds, but when something delivers high net returns why not keep it.
Anyway, that's our task for the year. Everything else is on track on on autopilot :-)

Examine your expense ratios. Expenses can kill gains.

For anyone trying to up their credit card rewards strategy. I just found a hidden gem. Priceline Rewards Visa - 2% cashback with NO ANNUAL FEE. Even better the rewards accumulate immediately (don't have to wait for the statement) and you just apply a statement credit to any $25 or greater purchase.

I pair this with Amex Blue Cash Preferred for the 6% grocery rewards. Seems to be the best pairing I found yet.

The life insurance portion is something I need to get on lock. There's been too many times that I've looked at all other aspects of (how it'll work with my kids should anything happen, should I get personal insurance protection, etc.) but I really haven't put much thought on it in the last few years.

Good list and some don't apply.

The biggest challenge is figuring out the impact of my wifes paycut and college savings seeing that I will have 2 inc college next year.

The two on my list for 2013 is to examine my life insurance options and to adjust my 401K settings. I currently have some life insurance from my employer, but I should seek additional coverage to make sure my wife is taken care of. And I have historically limited 401K savings because of a lack of employer matching, but I need to reconsider pouring money into it for tax benefits. I've been working on working through my 2012 taxes, and I can use the tax benefits.


I think it's good to look at all expenses, but entertainment has to stay. It's important to have fun, or budgeting won't last and people get burnt out. It's a great idea to always have an updated resume.

I think my entertainment budget needs to be controlled and credit card needs to be analysed because credit card interest is killing me, this year my resolution is not to use credit card more than 1 or 2 time in a month.

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