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February 07, 2013


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This is one of those potential career shifts that is of interest to me. If I get tired of my job, or laid off, after achieving financial independence, joining a non-profit might be a great idea. I don't think I'd be happy with just sitting around all day.

The one thing that isn't clear to me is just how much networking and non-profit work experience did Barbara have before her transition. From the tone of the article, I'd say a lot, but specifics aren't given.

I work for a non-profit school as a first career. :) I was a CPA in public accounting for a couple years first, and realized I really enjoyed working with my non-profit clients. So when I was ready to get out of public accounting, I made the switch. Don't regret it at all. I could certainly get better pay elsewhere (though I am still paid a reasonable salary), but the work/life balance is just incredible and I love the people I work with and what we work for. Do not regret it at all!

I think I would enjoy working at a non-profit. I'd have to reach the point where I could declare myself "Financially Independent" first but I can see that as one possibility in my future. I've been in IT for over 30 years, it's wore me down a bit but I'm sure I could add some value to just about any NP organization.

I love the idea of working in a non-profit organization after retirement or semi-retirement. You not just earn, but you will also make a difference in helping the society.

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