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March 25, 2013


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I have a Chase checking account (actually two) and as long as my aggregate balance is a certain amount my checks are free. I've had the account for several years so I don't know if that is still the policy or not. I think the last check I wrote was for my granddaughter's field trip - schools don't take cash or credit/charge cards around here.

They did the same thing to me too. I was also a repeat customer and didn't realize that I had ordered from them before, but the order form did have pricing for repeat customers and new customers.

I did appreciate that they filled my order and sent me the checks and billed me for the balance, this was pre-debit card, and running out of checks would have been a big hardship at the time.

You said you got 4 boxes of checks for $74.22. That's about $18.55 a box, what's wrong with that? Especially when you state your bank charges $30.00 a box?

Dirk --

"You said you got 4 boxes of checks for $74.22. That's about $18.55 a box, what's wrong with that?"

Uh, it's way over-priced. As I noted above, I could have gone to any other supplier and gotten them for much less. Comparing their price to an even-more-over-priced Chase isn't the right way to look at the options.

@KDB - Use Quicken (or other similar tool). That's what I do. Haven't balanced my checkbook for years despite money going in/out constantly (BillPay, automatic withdrawals, transfers to other accounts, direct deposits, etc.). As long as the balance in Quicken matches the balance with my CU then it's fine.

Well, we needed the checks recently. I felt it is unsafe to buy from the companies advertising in the Sunday morning flyer. So ended buying them from Costco. 350 leaves for $14 or so. BoA wanted $30+ for 150 checks.

Wow, that's quite the bad service experience! I don't use checks, but no company should treat a customer like that. I can't believe that they still threw you under the bus like that even after all of the trouble you went through.

I use checks too. There's still a few bills I have to pay that either have no electronic payment option or want to charge you for the privilege of getting your money to them faster! And yes, designer checks do suck. I go for the cheapest (free is better) every time!


I think in this case it was a tie. You wanted to trick them and they wanted to trick you. Or, actually, both parties did it.

Also, what you did by expecting the "new customer" pricing (even though you knew you weren't) was taking a risk (or a chance). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't :)

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