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March 13, 2013


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I got an unusually large refund this year..$4500! But this is because i sold my house and bought a new one last year-- lots of points and loan interest. I'm putting all of the refund into my taxable mutual fund investments for this year. Next year I will adjust my withholding so my state and federal refund is more more than $1000.

I usually have to pay but this year we are getting back due to tuition tax credit.

So new dish washer and tires for the wifes car all earlier than planned.

Using some of it to cover refinancing closing costs! The rest goes into savings

Unfortunately, I will be paying in another $7K this year.

Got a bit over the average. Using it to pay down the mortgage.

I am saving what I got for now, though part of it may get used to support a weekend getaway in the near future.

Pay in another $3000, $250 refund from state goes into savings account.

Not much of a refund this year--$611 from the feds, and I owe the state $118 (I always owe the state, don't know why). So I'll use the remaining $493 to put toward my car payment, and eliminate 2.5 months of payment.

I put it all in savings; maxed out my emergency fund (6 months) and put the rest toward a stock options goal on smartypig so I can buy my options in the future if it makes sense to.

This year we are getting a refund. Whenever we get a refund we invest it.

I have to pay about $900 to federal and get a $300 refund from the state. Already filed for the state refund and will wait until April to file the federal.

Like most years, I will owe on Federal taxes this year. Still waiting to see how much once my wife calculates all of her business revenues and expenses from her small side business.

Last year I did get a refund, primarily because I overpaid in SS taxes when I changed jobs, and invested the money.


One step closer to having new house down payment saved up!

Two times I didn't pay in enough thoughout the year, and then I had to pay a penalty. So, I have more than enough taken out now. I'll get almost 4k back from the federal. However I owe over 900 to the state. I'll just put in my investments.

We got a whopping $40 back! I think I'll take my wife out to dinner. :)

Getting ~$1,500 which is going to savings to help with selling our house and moving to OR later this year. I've been trying to adjust it down to receive a smaller refund but don't know how next year will work out since we're losing the home mortgage deduction when moving.

No idea, still on the growing small business roller coaster... if I owe I'll pay, if refund I'll just apply it to the next years taxes...

Any "found money" for us goes into the pool (that is, our cash pool). It'll eventually get invested. Last year we had a net refund of around $1700 between federal and state, but I don't know what it'll be this year. Usually we have to pay.

i got 3300 between federal and state. Wife has a 05 accord hybrid that we know the batteries will need to be replaced within the coming year, so just putting the money into a savings account until that happens. I adjusted with holdings down so hopefully I net out in 2013.

More money into the rainy day fund for me.

I got a very small refund, as usual. $73 from federal and $174 from state. I did what I normally do, directed it to my savings.

Getting $100 back and will likely make it my casino fund for the year. If I go 5 times, I feel from an entertainment value I'd come out ahead. If I get lucky and hit it big, my tax refund would have been a good investment too :)

Yes, we received a refund. Most went into various savings accounts. We'll use some of it for a HS graduation gift (laptop for college) for my younger sister.

I had to owe around $300. But I don't think I should have. I got a company relocation package that included a lump sum. But I thought what I received was already taxed, so I therefore got less than gross.

For some reason it seems like I got taxed on the amount that was actually deposited into my checking account, versus it being taxed before I got it.

Does that make sense?

I used Turbotax because other than that, I don't have anything complicated (I rent).

I will be paying in a fair amount. Interest-free loans rule! :)

Paul, make sure you don't underpay by 10% or more or you could end up owing a penalty.

We'll probably just put ours away and save it. Or I might talk my wife into letting me buy a few more coins :)

I'm happy to say our savings funds are all on track, so I am taking our hefty refund and putting it in our vacation fund so we won't feel guilty about splurging on any vacations for a couple of years. The next one goes will probably go toward home improvement.

Received about $4500 refund due mostly to education tuition credit. It has already been applied to much needed new garage roof.

Just went into the checking account because we had our 3rd child last month and it basically makes up for a paycheck that my wife will miss because she's taking the full 12 weeks off.

Here you can get a state tax credit for up to $400 for donating to working poor charities in state (Food bank) and send another $400 to the school for field trips. So I get my $800 back and have to save it up for this years credits.

Would love to owe 0 and get refunded 0 but with volatile swings in bonuses and overtime I guess that's a pipe dream. Still I feel like I get it pretty close.

We got an additional $1100 back and plan to use it to pay for my sons private Speech Therapy and Learning Disability services at $70 an hour.

Using it to pay for baby expenses without messing the money normally directed to savings.

In past years, do to various changes each year, I received large refunds -- some of last year's went towards custom window treatments throughout the condo (had lived with NO covering for a year); the year before, to replenish savings having just purchased my condo with as much money down as possible (already knowing I'd be getting a huge refund); and the year before, I bought my two cats. This year I apparently did VERY well estimating for withholding because I'm getting a whopping $2 federal refund, haha! State refund will be higher, ~$500. Both refunds have been direct deposited into my online savings account, where I keep the bulk of my cash, and will likely get wrapped into my next monthly investment into index funds.

I'll put it in my "new car" fund so that if/when I buy a new car I'll pay cash for it.

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